Welcome to Littleman's Bird: The Game!

Littleman's Bird: This is a game developed and published by Ringalong Games and was created in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is our first game, although we plan on making more, we would like to complete this one first. If you want to be in contact with us or send reports, you can join us on our Discord server, but you can also email me at ringalonggames@gmail.com

Update 9/2/19: I finally got back from my break and I worked all day today to update the game. It isn't a big update, I just edited a few things, removed useless stuff, added in more items and made a new section in the city I'd like to further expand. Check it out on gamejolt here https://gamejolt.com/games/littlemanbird/435434. I also put a poll in the Discord server for you guys to vote wether to keep the site updated or not, beacuse only worrying about the Discord server will make things easier on me, which was also merged in the EpicLyzers Hub Server, rather than being it's own thing, to join, go to https://discord.gg/GNXM6G4, go to the roles channel and react with R.

Update 8/25/19: Sorry for the delay! I wasn't on yesterday, but I was able to complete the demo today! The first demo has been finally launched! You can now download it here, and don't worry, updates will still be posted here and on the Discord. The Gamejolt page will sadly, not get any update notes, only the actual game updates. I am also going to take a small break from the game now that the first demo is out so I can focus more on other things such as school as it starts in a week and I haven't been able to play any other games as I was only working on Littleman's Bird. I also want to mention that it isn't the final demo build and I will release more as more things get done and updated. When I feel the first city is complete the way I like it, I will continue the game from there and I think there won't have any more demos unless I feel there's a need for it.

Update 8/23/19: The demo for the game will be ready by tomorrow. I've got everything ready except the demo boss, which I will hopefully be able to add tomorrow.

Update 8/20/19: I'm restarting the entire world map I had planned because it just isn't working. Hopefully the new one will be easier to make. I also finished adding all party members in the game and it's at a state where it is actually playable now (even if there's nothing in it and you can just walk around). I'm thinking on maybe releasing some demo version sometime later in development

Update 8/19/19: The game has started developpment a week ago, and I created this site and a Discord server so people everywhere can find out my progress on the game easily. I hired someone to make the music and I got a lot of progress done, but it is very little in comparison to everything else. I was also accepted into the Datalyzers Direct, which I've been told is happening sometime in November. I got RPG Maker VX Ace and bought a few Tilesets for the game, and I'm excited for it's release. Right now, my guess on when it will be finished is near the end of September/start of October. If you guys want, I can show some pictures and screenshots of the game while I'm making it. Sadly, my partner for the game, ZeroX, was fired because of the toxicity and bad people around him.